Aarke co2 gas cylinder
Aarke co2 gas cylinder

CO2 Gas Cylinder

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Aarke screw-in CO2 gas cylinder filled with 100% renewable, high-quality food-grade CO2 gas for your sparkling water maker.

Every 60-litre CO2 gas cylinder from Aarke is exclusively produced in the European Union.

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Renewable CO2 Ecosystem

1. CO₂ in the atmosphere

2. Natural crops

Fields of crops such as wheat or corn, absorb the CO₂.

3. Harvesting

Farmers harvest the crops.

4. Fermentation

The harvest is processed and releases CO₂.

5. Capturing CO₂

The CO₂ is captured as a by-product from the fermentation.

6. Renewable CO₂

The biogenic CO₂ is turned into fresh, tasteless gas for carbonation.

7. Drinking sparkling water

The CO₂ is released when the sparkling water is consumed.

8. The Renewable CO₂ Ecosystem starts over