aarke gas refill
aarke gas refill

Gas Cylinder Refill

Our on-demand gas cylinder refill service – The Cylinder Loop. Makes it easy for you to replace your empty gas cylinders with new ones.
No monthly fee or binding period
Only £16 per refill cylinder
Free shipping
How many cylinders do you want to exchange?
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How does it work?

1. Order

Order a refill to replace your empty gas cylinders with full ones. Check compatibility.

2. Replace

Receive your new, full cylinders in the box and replace them with the same amount of empty cylinders.

3. Return

Attach the pre-paid return label to the exchange box and drop off at your nearest service point to complete the exchange.

* Please return a corresponding number of empty cylinders within 7 days from receiving new, full ones to avoid an additional charge of £25 per cylinder for non-return.



100% Renewable CO2

Our gas is exclusively produced from renewable resources in Europe. This means that the CO2 comes from sources already in the ecosystem. We’re not adding any unnecessary CO2 to the atmosphere.